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​Welcome to all new members
and welcome back to our returning singers!

Please make sure you fill out this year's registration form and video release and give the form to Chorus Manager Karla.
Returning members, please update your contact information with Karla if needed!

Detroit Women's Chorus 2018 - 2019 Calendar

Rehearsals beginning September 11th, 2018 through December 11th (event December 12th), then January 8th, 2019 through May 4th.
Rehearsals begin every Tuesday night at 7:30PM until 9PM

Plan for these dates and if things change (hopefully, a rarity!), we’ll let you know in advance! If you cannot be at a regular meet, please let Karla know in advance wherever possible.

Pop-up events may occur based on world events.

​(updated 10/2/18)
Tues 10/2/18           Regular meet                         7:3P - 9P       2120 Russell
Tues 10/9/18           Regular meet                         7:3P - 9P       2120 Russell
Tues 10/16/18         USArtists Foundation           TBD               350 Madison
                                                                                                          Location: Jazz [email protected] Hall
Tues 10/23/18         Regular meet                         7:3P - 9P       2120 Russell
Tues 10/30/18         Regular meet                         7:3P - 9P       2120 Russell

Tues 11/6/18           Practice for event next night 7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Wed 11/7/18           Tentative Event: Knight Foundation perf. TBD
                                  w/Shara Nova (this is the project based on YOUR stories!)
Tues 11/13/18        Regular meet                            7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 11/20/18        Regular meet                            7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 11/27/18        Regular meet                            7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell


(this is VERY tentative right now...but reserve the date!)
Sat 12/1/18             Noel Night                                7PM?           Detroit Public Library
                                                                                                         5201 Woodward
Tues 12/4/18          Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
**Thur 12/6/18 Social Event: (not involving DWC)                 431 E.Congress
Shara Nova/My Brightest Diamond Concert                          St. Andrews Hall

**DWC is not involved in this event, but Shara is so supportive of US as our Composer-in-residence, and we'd love to support HER!

Tues 12/11/18         Regular meet (possible dress reh.)    7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell  (or Orch Hall)
Wed 12/12/18         Tentative Event: Det. Comm. Ensembles

                                                                                     6:45P call    3711 Woodward (Orchestra Hall)

Tues 1/8/19             1st Practice 2019                     7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 1/15/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 1/22/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 1/29/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell

Tues 2/5/19             Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 2/12/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Sat 2/16/19
DWC Fundraising Concert “Love is Love”  7PM          2120 Russell
Tues 2/19/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 2/26/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell

Tues 3/5/19             Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 3/12/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 3/19/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Sat 3/23/19 Finding Your Voice Conference         10A - 5P     Old Main-WSU-hopefully!
Tues 3/26/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell

Tues 4/2/19             Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 4/9/19             Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 4/16/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 4/23/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell
Tues 4/30/19           Regular meet                           7:3P - 9P     2120 Russell

Sat 5/4/19               DWC Concert & Food Drive    1PM?           2120 Russell

What a great season!! We’re so happy you’re a part of the Detroit Women’s Chorus!!

We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.

— Malala Yousafzai